What is Resources in my Home site?

Resources are available in both Home and individual course sites. The Resources tool is site-dependent; the content uploaded in the Home area is private and visible only to the user (unless the user chooses to make items public).

The Resources tool in Home serves as a personal file space for the user to save, store, and organize files.

The features and functionality of the Resources tool are the same in any site where the tool appears. Please refer to What is the Resources tool? for more information on how to manage files using this tool.

Note: Your institution may limit the user file storage quota and/or access to Resources in Home.

To access this tool, select Resources from the Tool Menu in Home.

Image of the resources button.

Tip: Users who would like to store large files in a single location in the system can store files in Home > Resources and then add weblinks to the files in other sites. This strategy allows files to be stored in a single place rather than with multiple uploads to multiple locations.

Be sure to configure your files as Public if you plan to link to them from other sites.