How do students complete a peer assessment assignment?

Go to Assignments.

Select the Assignments tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Submit your assignment.

If your assignment has a peer assessment component, Peer Review Assignment will display beneath the assignment title. You must submit your own assignment before you can complete your peer assessment of other students.

Click on the assignment title to submit your work. See How do students submit an assignment? for more information on submitting assignments.

Select a student submission to review.

Once you have submitted your own assignment, the peer assessment options will display to you. Click on a student in the list below Peer Review Assignment to select a submission to review.

Review your peer's submission.

  1. Use the Instructions for the Reviewer section for guidance in providing your peer assessment.
  2. The student's inline submission, if available, displays for you in the Assignment Submission area.
  3. The student's attached submission, if available, displays for you in the Submitted Attachments area. Click the attached document to open or download it.
  4. Enter your Grade for the peer review. Note the maximum possible score that displays for you next to the Grade field.
  5. Enter your feedback into the Reviewer Comments area using the Rich Text Editor.
  6. Optionally click Choose File to upload an attachment from your device which contains additional feedback.
  7. Click Submit.

View your submitted peer assessments.

Once you have submitted your peer review, the status for that student submission will change to Submitted and a green check mark will appear next to the student in the list.

Repeat the steps above to submit additional reviews. (Optional)

If your instructor has specified more than one review per student, repeat the process above to submit the number of peer assessments required.