How do I post a topic in Conversations?

Go to the Conversations tool.

Select the Conversations tool from the Tool Menu of your site. 

Click Create new topic.

Enter a question and add topic configurations.

Image of the Add a new Topic area and topic configurations.
  1. In the Topic Type area, select Question or Discussion.
    • Question: Questions that require an answer
    • Discussion: Threaded discussions for structured interactions
  2. Enter a title for the topic in the Title field.
  3. In the Details field, enter a question or a discussion prompt.
  4. In the Tag topic area, optionally attach a topic tag and click Add. Tags are only available after the instructor or site owner has added them.
  5. In the Post toarea, choose who the the post will be available to after you have published it.
    • By default, Everyone in this site is selected.
    • Select Instructors in this site to create a topic that only instructor users can view.
    • Select Only members of selected groups, and then select one or more groups, to make the topic available to those groups only.
  6. In the Post options area, choose additional visibility options:
    • Activate Anonymous to hide your profile name to viewers of your post. Note that instructors and site owners can still view the profile name of the poster even if the topic has been set as anonymous.
    • Activate Anonymous Posts to hide the profile names of posts that reply to the new topic.
    • Or, optionally activate Student must post before reading responses.
  7. Click Publish.