How do I obtain the URL for a file or folder in Resources?

Each file and folder in Resources has its own URL. After obtaining a file's URL, share it with participants via email, announcements, or other locations in the site.

Go to Resources.

Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click Actions, and then select Edit Details.

  1. Click the Actions option associated with a file or folder.
  2. Select Edit Details.

Copy the URL.

  1. Move down the page to find the File Details section. Click File Details to expand it.
  2. Copy the file's unique URL displayed in the Web Address (URL) field.

Copy the short URL. (Optional)

  1. Alternatively, activate Short URL to generate a shortened version of the URL.
  2. Copy the shortened URL displayed in the Web Address (URL) field.

Note: If you change the file's location, the file's URL will change and result in broken links in locations where you've shared the URL.