How do I grade an assignment using a rubric?

Go to Assignments.

Select the Assignments tool from the Tool Menu in your site.

Select the assignment to grade.

Click the Grade option associated with an assignment.

Select a student to grade.

Select a student to grade by clicking on their ID in the Student column.

Tip: Click the rubric icon in the same row as the student's name to open the grading rubric for that student. However, opening the rubric from here will bypass the instructor's view of the student submission, so it is best used to review or verify a previously scored rubric.

Click the rubric icon.

Click the rubric icon (Grading Rubric) to open a view of the rubric.

Enter grading and feedback.

Image of the rubric grading area. Usage of selections in each criterion as well as comments are depicted.
  1. Click one item per rubric criterion.
  2. Optionally enter comments about your selection within each criterion. Click Done to save the comments.
  3. Click Done.

Make individual score adjustments. (Optional)

If you activated Adjust individual student scores when configuring the assignment, optionally make manual changes to the score that was set by the rubric selection.

Save the score and feedback.

  1. Click Save to save the grade and feedback. This option does not release the grade to the student.
  2. Or, click Save and Release to Student to immediately release the grade and feedback to the student.

Tip: Some instructors prefer to release all of the grades and feedback at one time after they have finished entering grades for the entire class. See How do I release assignment grades? for more information about releasing all grades and feedback at one time.