How do I choose the site email address in Email Archive?

When you first activate Email Archive, the tool will prompt you to choose a site email address. If you've already activated Email Archive and chosen a site email address, you can edit it within the Options area.

Choosing the site email address

Activate the Email Archive tool in Site Info.

See How do I add tools to my site? for initial steps to activating the Email Archive tool using the in Site Info tool.

Enter an email address in the Customize tool instances area.

While activating Email Archive in Site Info, the Customize tool instances area will prompt you to choose an address:

  1. Enter an address in the Site email address field. Note that domain information following '@' is already provided.
  2. Click Continue.

Confirm tool selection.

Click Finish to confirm the activation of Email Archive and the selection of the site email address.

Changing the site email address

The site email address, when already chosen, can be edited in the Options area of the Email Archive tool. See How do I modify the Email Archive options? for complete steps.